What is Stunning Salterio Solos

This course is a live, online, group course for Hammered Dulcimer players. The course meets 6 times for 60 minutes each time via Zoom. Please note that due to holidays, HD Festivals and birthdays in Carmens family, there might not be a class each month, starting in June.

Students are provided with a PDF handout in advance of each class, an opportunity to ask questions during the class, and a video/audio of the tune to review afterwards. Course size is a minimum of 4 students, so there is plenty of opportunity for interaction and personalized feedback, without the pressure of being the only student. 

Who should join the course?

Intermediate Hammered Dulcimer players who can side read music and are interested in learning stunning Salterio tunes and hints for playing baroque style. Materials are developed in a way to include something to challenge AND encourage novice to advanced players. Nobody will be forced or asked to play in front of the group.

How do I register?

Hit the Paypal Button or send an E-Mail to Carmen telling her, that you want to join the Stunning Salterio Solos course: carmenamrein@yahoo.de

Then you will receive a link for payment via Paypal. Once you‘ve payed, you will receive a link for the material and to join the Zoom meeting. Click that link to attend each class. Zoom allows everyone to see each other throughout the class, so you can play along with Carmen as she teaches. Student microphones will be muted unless they are asking a question, so you will only hear Carmens audio. The entire class will be recorded and sent to all students registered for that class at the conclusion of each class. 

Each of the 6 classes will consist a live 60 minute class taught by Carmen Amrein via Zoom; as well as specifically tailored practice assignments within the class. You will also receive handouts (provided as downloadable PDF files), access to the complete video/audio of each tune; and most important to me: Interaction with other students.

Since this is a group event, a minimum of 4 total participants is required for the course to commence. If for some reason we do not manage that minimum, a full refund or exchange will be provided.


Since this is a group event, a minimum of 4 total participants is required for the course to commence. If for some reason we do not manage that minimum, a full refund or exchange will be provided.

If a participant must cancel, that participant should immediately notify Carmen Amrein. If a participant cancels more than one week in advance, a full refund will be given. If a participant cancels less than one week in advance, no refund will be given, because last-minute cancellations could make the number of participants too small for a webinar to be viable.

What If I can't make it to every class?

We understand, sometimes other things come up. 
Fortunately, all classes are recorded; and as a student you will have access to the video archive of all courses in which you are enrolled - including any you miss.
Now, you will get the most benefit if you are able to attend each class live; but it's not a problem if you miss a class or two along the way.

ok, but What Do i need?

For this class, you will need the following things:

  1. The course registration form and payment must be received by 5:00pm June 22nd 2021

  2. Students will set up a free Zoom account for the webinar (facilitator will send instructions)

  3. Please tune your instrument in 440Hz

  4. Please print out the handouts before you start the workshop. 

  5. Please have a pencil ready for your notes

  6. The use of workshop material is only for your private use and may not be passed on. Please contact the editor if you want to use the material.

  7. The classes will be recorded

Can I join Carmens mailinglist afterwards and get the 10% off?

If you just found out, that there is a discount of 10% when joining Carmens mailinglist, you always can join my mailinglist and get those 10% off. Please send an email to Carmen, letting her know that you found out about the 10% discount and want to join her mailinglist. Once you’ve emailed Carmen, she will get back to you about refunding the discount.

I still have questions

I would love to hear from you!

Contact Carmen by sending her an email: carmenamrein@yahoo.de